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Outdoor Spaces

In the photo of the curved seat, calibrated slate was used to provide seating in a shady part of the garden. The base for the curved seat was built in brick with lintels which was subsequently rendered and painted meaning fantastic longevity. In this instance the seating area also introduced a curve into a garden of raised beds with Victorian paving bricks providing an acknowledgement of the properties heritage.

In the photo of the glass lean-to roof, a covered outdoor space was created which did not detract upon the amount of light entering the rest of the house . A seating and storage area was then built providing a connection between the two sets of patio doors whilst non-slip tiles were laid. A small area of artificial lawn was laid adjacent to the slate outdoor table for the provision of a paddling pool whilst the tiled floor provides a suitable base for chairs around the table.

The picture of the play house with the bears shows the job nearing completion with ‘ribbon’ in place for the opening. This job was a labour of love for my daughter using items predominantly from the lock up.

A range of options exist which can be tailored to your own lifestyle and requirements using a wide variety of materials which hopefully the photos go some way to illustrating different projects.

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